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Showing in figure above are the few pictures taken during the user participatory design session. Twenty-two participants are involved in this user participatory. There is no lower limit on how many participants should be involved in the user study, which an informal study with one person might be able to provide a lot of useful information (Magnusson et al., 2009). Nielsen observed that major usability problems can be identified even with quite a small group of users, which the size of 3 to 5 is suggested as an optimal size (Nielsen, 1993). This small group in his opinion will allow you to do many tests while bigger tests will require longer time and reduce the amount of the user feedback. A larger group might need a moderator to help the group keep on track during the session. Eight of the participants are male elderly while the rest are female. The youngest elderly is 60 years old, while the oldest is 86 years old. Nine of them are in the age of 60-69 years old, eight are 70-79 years old, and the rest are 80-89 years old. All of them are Dutch people who live in the city of Eindhoven, Wageningen, Rotterdam and Den Ham. The session was conducted at the elderly place. It can be seen in Figure 5 that the seniors have been given a chance to experience the Cliff prototype and get a close view of it. The prototype worked very well during the session, and the elderly enjoy it when they can see the movement of Cliff on the jacket.

The User Participatory Design Study with Elderly

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